A to Z 2016 · Poetry

Z is for… well, “Z”

Okay, I admit it, I cheated a bit with picking this one. After a day of playing catch-up, I wanted something short and sweet to end on — and what is shorter than a haiku?:

Write a haiku that tries to incorporate as many of the the original, traditional elements that defined the form as possible:

– 3 lines of 5, 7, and 5 syllables each respectively
– focus on a brief moment in time
– the use of provocative, colorful images
– usually nature-focused
– used a single word to specifically set what season it takes place in
– there is a pause after the first line
– the whole thing can be read in one breath
– it provides a sudden sense of enlightenment and illumination


Does this even meet ANY of those? Besides the syllables, of course (you really can’t have a haiku without the syllables). I don’t really get the merits of such a short poem, but, hey, can’t grow if you don’t try, right?





A challenge was met,
though nearly failed: I survived
writing A to Z.


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand — I’m out. Whew. Now to figure out my regularly scheduled programming — and read everyone else’s A to Z posts!


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