A to Z 2016 · Creative Exercises

Q is for “A Quintessential Saturday”

A simple exercise in showing, not telling. Here’s the prompt, from unknown sources:

Using specific, vivid detail that appeals to the senses, how might you show that the shopping mall is crowded? Do not use the words “shopping mall” or “crowded.”


What else needs to be said? Short and sweet!


A Quintessential Saturday

We waded through the crush of bodies, trying to locate the smell of pretzels wafting through the air. Several women with their high heels clicking on the white titles bumped their oversized multicolored bags into us as they shoved past, and we maneuvered our way around a group of girls giggling at a pair of (what I suppose were) attractive teen boys leaning nonchalantly against the window of a Mrs. Fields. On all sides, a steady buzz surrounded us, so loud that even though the play area was only about a hundred feet behind us, we could barely hear the happy child squeals and the parent admonishments.

But where were the damn pretzels? “They moved the kiosk! Again!”

The hunt was on.

It was just another Saturday.


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