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M is for “Mirrors Falling”

Or rather, that was what it was supposed to be for… instead, M is for “Massive Writer’s Block.”

Here’s the prompt:

Imagine a mirror falling. Into a canyon, into a river, onto a tile floor. Is it an antique hand mirror farmed with silver roses, a faceted disco ball, or a fitting room triptych, flapping through space? Was it accidentally thrown? Is the owner of the mirror beautiful and vain, or grotesque and horrified? Perhaps the owner isn’t even human. Is it a flawed angel, an escaped gorilla, a mystified alien? View the world in reflected fragments, be the eye of the mirror as it falls. What scenes are captured as it plummets/drifts/explodes? How do these images impact/”reflect” the mirror’s owner?


I fought with this over and over in my head for the last three days, and while I have a nice idea, especially how to end it, I haven’t the faintest clue how to start it. It basically blocked me from writing it, and keeping my posts going on the correct days. So, three days later, I’m throwing in the towel on M, and I’m moving on.

I’ll give this prompt another attempt at a later day.


3 thoughts on “M is for “Mirrors Falling”

  1. Sometimes you have to set something aside for awhile to gain perspective and allow all the synapses to reset.

    I started pretty early on the A-Z, and all my writing is now completed and scheduled, but I had the devil’s own time with Q, and the reason was that I had an idea that I kept trying and trying to make work, but every attempt was a disaster.

    Eventually I set Q aside and wrote R, S and T, then went back to Q. I felt greatly relieved once I admitted to myself that my first idea just wasn’t going to work, and allowed myself to take a completely different tack.

    The bottom line is that my Q story still sucks, but it sucks in a completely different way than it would have if I’d stuck with my original idea and tried to force it.

    I guess the moral to the story is that no matter what you do, “suck” happens to everyone sometimes, and it’s nearly impossible to escape fate.


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