A to Z 2016 · Poetry

K is for “Kaleidoscopes from the Heavens”

Another poetry prompt! I was a massive procrastinator today, but I wasn’t going to bed before posting this. I WILL FINISH THIS CHALLENGE.

I think pretty much all of my prompts come from Poets & Writers:

Between 2011 and 2014, the American Museum of Natural History had an exhibition of scientific photographs made using state-of-the-art technologies. Write a poem examining the life of the elegant forms and miniature worlds captured in exquisite detail.


There were a lot of images that involved bugs and creepy things of one kind or another — I hatehateHATE bugs. Like, screaming like a little girl and sobbing kind of hate.

So instead, I went with an image that just looks like art worth sharing.



Kaleidoscopes from the Heavens

Debris from falling stars,
scratched and scraped
as it hurtles through
the emptiness,
space shifting while elements carve
the beauty of the universe
on its surface,
like an abstract painting
splattered with
colors as vibrant as
an artist's palette.
Beauty from worlds away,
from light-years beyond,
there for all to see
if you can just






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